About Us

Brano Industries Pretoria


Brano Industries Pretoria manufactures and supplies a range of standard and customized Garage Doors, Garage Door Motors, Garage Door Hardware & Spare Parts to both trade and retail sectors.

With over 20 years experience in the Garage Door Industry, Brano Industries Pretoria has earned its position as one of the leading service providers nationally.


Our loyal customer base includes some of the best Garage Door Installers in the industry; this affiliation between supplier and installer allows Brano Industries Pretoria to facilitate all your Garage Door requirements at a very competitive rate, without compromising on quality.

Brano Industries Pretoria is continuously exploring new ways to adapt to the ever-changing industry, whilst remaining a steadfast pillar to our clients in an effort to set new frontiers in safety and standards.


New Premises:

140 Foundry Street, Silvertondale, Pretoria, South Africa


Believing in the philosophy that loyalty is a mutual concept, we found pride in training our installing customers to becoming the best in the industry – passing down onto our end-users – the benefits of receiving good service through integrity in business.

Remaining focused on distribution and service delivery; we have become a trusted name in the industry and undertake to stay in touch with what the market demands. Our innovation comes through customer care.

Vision statement

We will become the preferred professional supplier of garage door and access control equipment by setting new standards in service delivery.

Mission Statement

We are committed to improving standards throughout the industry. Professionalism at every level and in every aspect of the industry is a passion and an obsession with us. Knowledge, know-how and commitment are the “keys” to a better, brighter and profitable future. We are here to help and serve the industry.


We are Opening Doors


Do not hesitate to contact our sales team
at 012 349 1494 or 012 349 1494 or info@branogaragedoors.co.za
for quotations or any other information

We can refer you to approved installers & repairers of all our systems

Approved Installer : www.garagedoorinstaller.co.za