Garage Door Hardware

A garage door is only as strong as the parts holding it together, Brano manufactures all the parts needed to hold a garage door together & ensure it functions correctly; from standard domestic sizes to specialized hardware for uniquely designed doors.
Complete hardware kits, including tracks, springs torsion tube, brackets, hinges, cables, rollers and fasteners are available for a brand-new installation or garage door over-haul.
All our hardware is also available individually for maintenance and repairs.

Complicated and custom installations don’t intimidate us, contact us with your special application. Let’s make it work.


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Garage Door Springs

Knowing the weight of your garage door is very important when replacing springs, whether they be tension or torsion springs.
Garage Door Springs counter the weight of your garage door, incorrect springs will result in an unbalanced door which can be dangerous.

Springs that are too weak for the weight of the door will cause it to be too heavy to open or not open at all. This can damage the motor if there is one and will also put premature wear and tear on the springs and hardware of the garage door system.
on the other hand, a spring that is too strong for the weight of the door will cause the door to bounce open or not close properly at the bottom. Forcing the door closed will also strain the other hardware on the door.

Spring Weight Increments and Colour Codes:
Torsion Springs
Tension Springs
Roll-Up Door Springs



Tracks are used to guide the garage door. Length and material gauge are determined by the application for which the tracks will be used. Our tracks are galvanized to assist in preventing corrosion and rust.

Track Indicators and Colour Codes:
Vertical Tracks
Horizontal Tracks

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