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The Colour Steel Sectional Garage Door (Also known as Chromadek) is the elegant garage door choice and is available in various colours  to best suit the style of your home. Available in Brown, White and Charcoal, the Colour Steel Sectional Garage Doors require less maintenance than their wooden counterparts.





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Chromadek vs. Alu-Zinc
What is the Difference between Chromadek & Alu-Zink Doors?

It has become an inclination to refer to coloured sheet metal as chromadek.
This is incorrect, however, understandable as sheet metal in any colour (except for the normal steel colour, known as galvanized or zinc colour) was traditionally referred to as chromadek.

Chromadek is actually a registered trademark (brand) for a company who applied colours to galvanized sheet metal, effectively painted sheet metal. Chromadek is not a type of metal.

Today, all manufacturers of steel garage doors use alu-zinc, zinc alume or even aluminised sheet metal in the process of manufacturing garage doors. ‘Alu-zinc’, ‘zinc alume’ and ‘aluminised sheet metal’ refers to a non-corrosive treatment of the sheet metal and not brand names.

These products have a life expectancy of 5-7 years longer than Chromadek’s products and, consequently, the only producer of Chromadek in South Africa has closed its doors.

Brano Industries Pretoria’s Garage Doors are made of sheet metal, protected by the zinc-alume mixture to prevent corrosion and is sprayed with a polyester coating (or 3) to apply the colour to the door. This is the standard practice in the garage door industry.

So the short answer to the difference between Chromadek and alu-zinc is that they are the same thing, using different words.