Insulated Steel Sectional Doors


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Brano’s Insulated Steel Garage Doors are made up from steel with a polyurethane foam core between the front and the back of the garage door. This serves as a thermal break, preventing a cold exterior face from making the interior face of the garage door cold.




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Brano Cross-Section Insulated Steel Sectional Garage Doors (2)1. Textured surface of the Insulated Steel Garage Door immitates the look and feel of natural wood grain.

2. Specialised concave and convex seam for finger protection.

3. Polyurethane powder-coated zinc steel plate prevents decay.

4. Solid polyurethane centre effectively insulates against heat.

5. Reinforced steel where fasteners are attached.

6. Elegant white colour blends harmoniously into any external setting.

7. Weather seals at the bottom, sides and top of the Insulated Steel Garage Door to effectively guard against rain and sand.


We also manufacture

Custom Sized Insulated Colour Steel Sectional Garage Doors

(maximum 4880mm wide).


DOORNAMENTS These moulded accessories are easy to apply and are available in a wide assortment of styles, shapes and colours.The condition and appearance of your garage door is a major contributor to your homes curb appeal. Adding a few decorative elements can spruce up the look of your door; using a well-planned design can change the entire look of your garage and offers continuity to the style of your home.  ( READ MORE… )
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