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Brano’s Wooden Garage Doors (Meranti Garage Doors)
are made from top quality wood and are the most natural way to round off a home. Brano has a wide variety of single- and double wooden garage doors to choose from, all representing the very essence of craftsmanship.


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* Due to the nature of wood, colours may vary from samples.

We also manufacture

Specialized Custom Designed Wooden Garage Doors

to your specification.


 3 Myths About Wooden Garage Doors

Myth 1: All Wooden Garage Doors are made from Meranti Wood.

The type of wood used for garage doors is largely dependent on the following factors:

Brano Meranti Garage doors– The hardness of the wood, or rather the ease with which the wood can be worked and manufactured.
– Characteristics of the timber, such as how well it dries out, the rate at which it absorbs the moisture in the air and its general reaction when exposed to the elements; these are the kind of characteristics that influence buckling and bending of the wood.
– Whether the wood is prone to insect or fungal infestation.
– Sustainability of the raw material.
Meranti certainly is the first choice for wooden items that will be exposed to the elements and ticks most of the boxes, however, sustainability of the raw material is lacking.

Being a rain forest timber, Meranti grows slowly and due to its popularity the international stock is reaching depletion. The remainder of the choice Meranti stock is bought up by the wealthy before even being harvested and the Meranti that does reach South African shores has a very low quality grade.
This results in most advertised Meranti Style doors actually being made out of Okoume or Marine Plywood.
Of course, in theory, almost any wood can be used to build a garage door; but that is not to say that the resulting door will carry a promising lifespan. A very good second to Meranti is a species of Siligna, called Red Grandis.
At Brano Garage Doors, we have been stocking Red Grandis Wooden Garage Doors for over 2 years.

Brano Red GrandisRed Grandis Hardwood is 100 % FSC ( Forrest Stewardship Council ) certified. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international not for-profit, multi-stakeholder organization established in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world’s forests.

This ensures that the raw materials are sustainable, ensure supplies of Red Grandis Harwood well into the future.

One Source of supply ensures minimal colour variances.


The timber is kiln dried to control the moisture content between 8 to 11 %, one of few timbers that can be dried to match the South African climate.

The Garage Doors are manufactured to rigid high standards and quality controls.

Red Grandis Garage Doors carry a one year warranty against manufacturing defects, as long as the doors are installed, treated and after care is adhered to according to the maintenance instructions.

We are able to provide Meranti doors upon special request; however, we have had no issues with the current timber doors.

Please note that our wooden doors are made up of jointed panels, but we can supply non-jointed on special order.


Myth 2:  Wooden Garage Doors are too heavy to operate by hand and put more strain on motors than they should.

Brano Garage Door Myth

This is a very common misconception.
While it is true that wooden doors are heavier than their steel counterparts; it is also categorically untrue that it is too heavy for a person to be able to open and close by hand. Subsequently, the door does not put more strain on a garage door motor either.

The design of the mechanics of a garage door is such that no matter how heavy the panels of a garage door, the opening and closing of said door should always feel the same to the user or motor as any other door they operate.
It is not the job of a person or motor to carry the weight of a garage door, it is the job of the springs.


In-fact, the specific function of a garage door spring is to counteract the weight the door. In essence, this means a garage door spring is supposed to make a door light enough for a person to be able to lift it on their own, or for the motor of the garage door opener to lift it up easily.

When installed correctly, springs should balance the door. A properly balanced door should be as easy to lift as it is to close. The door should not shoot up or fall down, but instead, should stop on each section when the rollers are placed on either side of the radius of the tracks.


Myth 3:  Wooden Garage Doors need to be varnished.

No, no, no, no, NO!

Any wood that is exposed to the elements should NOT be varnished.

Wood is a living material which expands, contracts, absorbs and dries out, depending on the conditions it is exposed to.  Wooden Garage Doors are unavoidably exposed directly to dry, wet, hot and cold conditions for extended periods of time. The South African climate delivers these conditions in varying extremes, it is thus of high importance to understand the maintenance that your Wooden Garage Door will require in order for you to get the most out of its lifespan and product warrantee.

DO NOT VARNISH: Brano Industries strongly advises against varnishing any Wooden Sectional Garage Doors. Varnish is a surface treatment which hardens once dried and does not allow for the expanding and contracting characteristics of wood. This results in cracking of the varnish, leaving the untreated sub-surface exposed to the elements and also affecting the aesthetics of the Wooden Sectional Garage Door.

Brano Timber Door Care is a high quality, solvent-based, deep-penetrating and nourishing sealer.

Expanding & Contracting: Brano Timber Door Care does not go hard once dry and so allows for the wood to expand and contract as needed, without affecting the integrity of the treatment. In fact, expansion allows for the timber oil treatment to penetrate even deeper into the Wooden Sectional Garage Door, but does not restrict it from contracting again, effectively allowing the timber to breath.

Wet & Dry Conditions: Brano Timber Door Care is oil which is absorbed into the wood of your garage door, essentially quenching the wood’s thirst and therefore leaving little room for the absorption of water. It is well-known that oil repels water which means that your door is protected against wet weather.

Again, being an oil, Brano Timber Door Care does not evaporate in the hot and windy summer days experienced in South Africa, keeping  the wood nourished and moisturised throughout these conditions. The UV-protection in Brano Timber Door Care helps protect your garage door against fading caused by direct sunlight.

Other Threats: Brano Timber Door Care contains an insecticide and fungicide which protects the timber of your Wooden Sectional Garage Door against wood-boring insects, fungi & mould growth.


Try Brano’s Timber Door Care, it is a comprehensive maintenance treatment for wood and will play an important role in the longevity of your Wooden Sectional Garage Door.